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Keystone focuses exclusively on the top 20% of global real estate.

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Keystone only sells properties with our local team.

Principles of Overseas Asset Allocation

Truly exceptional project

Good projects don’t request advertising. Does not rely on intermediary. Cannot be found in the market.

Still on the market after the completion. Still doing advertising after 6 months of sales. Global promotion & Globally promoted and property fair everywhere. Do not rely on offline sales events.

Typically,they is no value

3 Elements of Overseas Real Estate

Liquidity first (for self-use)
Rental income (over 4%)
Real Estate Increases in Value (Extend over 10 years, with an annual increase of over 5%)
*Note: Rental yield and appreciation cannot be both achieved; a balance is required.

Overseas Property Investment Returns =

Exchange Rate × (Value Increase + Rental - Taxes) × Leverage

Long-term upward or stable exchange rate

Double in value or more in 10 years

Average rental yield of 5%

What is the leverage and interest rate for down payment?

How much for the taxation, holding, and selling?

About Us

Keystone is not only selling real estate,
but also asset management.

Keystone defines assets with liquidity, cash flow, and real estate increases in value.

Keystone is a global company based on overseas asset allocation research, selection (or development), sales, leasing, and resale services.

Keystone has an unparalleled global network with 300 sale professionals in 12 offices across 12 countries, including Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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