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About US

About US

Keystone is not only selling real estate,
but also asset management.

Keystone defines assets with liquidity, cash flow, and real estate increases in value.

Keystone is a global company based on overseas asset allocation research, selection (or development), sales, leasing, and resale services.

Keystone has an unparalleled global network with 300 sale professionals in 12 offices across 12 countries, including Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Keystone does not offer products and services without the local service team , as Keystone believes that sales are only the first step, with subsequent services being the more important beginning. The assurance of subsequent services requires a local team to ensure.

About Founder


Founder LEO LEE

Since 2013, LEO LEE has been engaged in global real estate investment and research, conducting surveys and inspections in first and second-tier cities in Mainland China, Keelung, Singapore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Auckland, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Bangkok, Pattaya, Manila, Hanoi, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other countries.

His personal property investments span multiple countries including mainland China, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

He has published over 1000 research and survey reports.

He is a global real estate investment expert in both research and practical investment operations.

Development Path

Starting in the UK
Starting in Japan
Starting in Vietnam, Thailand
Deepening engagement in Australia
Starting in the USA, Canada
Starting in Malaysia, Singapore