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Japan's population is shrinking, so it's crucial to minimize the safety margin for property purchases in Japan.

Tokyo's central
17 special wards

Osaka's central
6 special wards

Only consider
properties built after 1981

  • Stations > Wards.
  • 10 minutes walk to the station.
  • Long-term leases and laundry are preferable.

Perspective on
Japan in 2023

Yen forecasted 20% growth or more
by 2024-2025

The core 17 wards are mainly focused on the Tokyo property market.

The average price of newly built apartments has increased by more than 30% between 2022 and 2023 in the Tokyo property market.

New properties are leading the market, with secondary properties following.

The top recommendation is for properties in Tokyo's core 17 wards within 10 minutes of the subway.

A low yen combined with Tokyo's core area's newer properties equals a global recommendation for 2023.

Keystone Value Proposition
  • If we don't recommend the projects to relatives and friends
  • If there's no local team to inspect and verify
  • If there's no local team for service assurance
  • If there's no value and only rental return
  • If it's only an investment property
don't recommend it to clients.
  • Pursue Long-Term Win-Win with Clients Based on Professionalism and Responsibility.
  • Customer First, engraved in the heart and reflected in actions, not just on the wall.
  • Keystone is committed to providing more professional and conscientious services in Hong Kong, please witness.

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